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Scientific-expert conference "Quality"
Mechanical Engineering Faculty of the University of Zenica and the Department for the quality of the University of Erlangen Nuremberg in Germany organize scientific-expert conference with international participation "Quality" since 1999.
Since its founding, 2003, the organization of the conference included the Association for Quality in BiH.
Quality 2011 22.10.2010
The first Call for papers is published for the 7th research/expert conference with international participation "Quality 2011, which will be organized in Neum, June 1-4 2011.

More information is available at the web page
Quality 2009 15.06.2009
A small town on the Adriatic, Neum BiH hosted the sixth consecutive conference with international participation Quality 2009 - Quality 2009, which is traditionally organized by Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, University of Zenica, Department of Metrology, University Erlangen-Nuremberg and The Association for Quality in BiH.
After the introductory words of the President of the Organizing Committee, Safet Brdarević, professor who spoke about the 10 year tradition of the organization of the Conference, participants welcomed the professor Nermina Zaimović Uzunović - president of the Association for Quality in Bosnia. The conference was opened and participants welcomed by the Rector of the University of Zenica, professor Sabahudin Ekinović followed by introductory essays that were submitted this year, Miodrag Bulatovic PhD from the University of Montenegro, Darko Petković, professor at the University of Zenica, and Mr. Mujagić Adnan, in front of BH Telecom, General Partner of the Conference.
Then followed a two-day work in sections:
- Quality in the economy,
- Quality in Education,
- The quality of public sector
- Normative regulation of the quality.
Proceedings of the conference included more than 160 papers by authors from 16 countries in Europe. The technical part of the conference was performed extraordinarily by the associates of Mechanical Engineering Faculty Zenica, headed by the Secretary MSc. Sabahudin Jašarević.
Photo presentations from the conference is available at Conference web page.
Quality 2007  
Fifth in a row, scientific-expert conference with international participation QUALITY 2007 was held in June 6-8 2007 in hotel "ZENIT" in Neum.
Organizational Committe of the Conference:
1. prof.dr. Safet Brdarević, president
2. prof.dr. Nermina Zaimović-Uzunović
3. Sabahudin Ekinović
4. Darko Petković
5. dr. Sebastian Beetz
6. dr. Tunc Bozbura
7. mr. Luis Costa Herero
8. Sabahudin Jašarević, secretary
9. a. Ibrahim Plančić
A 153 papers were submitted, and Scientific Committee accepted 120 papers in final form and included in the Proceedings. Proceedings in 762 pages contained, 120 papers by over 235 authors. Authors came from 12 countries (Bosnia and Herzegovina, Austria, Bulgaria, Croatia, Slovenia, Serbia, Montenegro, Germany, Kosovo, Romania, Turkey, Slovakia).
Photo Gallery
Quality 2005  
The fourth scientific-expert Conference "QUALITY 2005" was hed in Fojnica, in the period 09-11 November. The conference is traditionally held as the central event marking the World Day and the European Quality Week in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The rally was organized in the organization of Mechanical Engineering Faculty of the University of Zenica, University of Erlangen Chair Quality Management and Manufacturing Metrology and the Association for Quality in Bosnia and Herzegovina.
A total of 87 papers were submitted, written by 172 authors and coauthors from 13 countries in Europe. The event was attended by about 160 participants, the authors, co-authors and representatives of business, service and scientific organizations from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Germany, Macedonia, Slovenia, Croatian, Turkish, Italy and Austria.
Photo gallery from the Conference is available at this link.
Quality 2003  
On the occasion of World Day of Quality and the European week of quality, Mechanical Engineering Faculty in Zenica organized a third International Scientific Conference "QUALITY 2003". The rally was held on 13 and 14 November 2003 at the Hotel Internacional in Zenica.
The first conference was organized in 1999.
Quality as an economic category, which covers the production possibilities of companies with customer needs, has become a key part of business policy and the driving force of economic development in highly developed countries. More and more mature understanding that the quality of products and services most fakor competitiveness and business success. For survival, much less the increase in volume of trade at the international level the market can not be counted, if the manufacturer is not willing to continually adapt the requirements specification in terms of quality. An increasing proportion of manufactured goods involved in international trade. It is estimated that in the very near future, the international trade that involved nearly half the total world production. After the independence of Bosnia and Herzegovina, the period of war and the devastation of almost the entire economy, and the destruction and dissolution of most companies. It lost the established principles of economy. Cessation of the war in Bosnia and Herzegovina, we see the need for greater importance of quality.
Hiring of experts and researchers in addressing complex quality is a prerequisite for entry into international communication. Organization and this event, "QUALITY 2003" is the contribution that goal.
Photos from the conference are available at this link .

B&H Quality Association is
EOQ National Representative Organization


"In our complex organisations, quality is inseparable from solidarity. The "chain of quality" unites and links all the economic and social players. Quality is thus the concern of everyone and demands that everyone be involved."
(European Quality Charter, Paris, 23.10.1998)
"The economic operators need to improve their managerial capacity, and the public administrations should facilitate the creation of an environment favourable to supporting a sustainable development of society."
(European Quality Vision, January 2000)
Council of Ministers of Bosnia and Herzegovina, aware of own role in the promotion of the idea of quality in Bosnia and Herzegovina, addopted following
by which it confirms sincere devotion to act toward European integration by using European ideas, attitudes, principles and standards.

(Sarajevo, 6th November 2001)
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